Greenwood Baptist is centered on joyfully fulfilling the command of Jesus to make disciples. If you are already a disciple of Jesus , or seek to know who Jesus is, our church family will welcome and help you any way we can.
We tell about Jesus and how He came to change broken lives. We show people how to become a follower of Jesus by personally investing in them. We share life together as a family by loving and encouraging each other.
Come join us as we follow Jesus together! (Lk 9:23 ESV)
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Your First Visit

You will find the people of GBC to be warm and welcoming. We have a greeter present before worship services who can acquaint you with the building. We have a nursery for all services, and all of the staff are carefully screened and trained. The nursery is located just outside the auditorium.

During worship you will notice we love to sing and you’ll hear new and old psalms, hymns and spiritual songs accompanied by a variety of instruments. Pastor Matt is an expository preacher, working through books of the Bible with sermons that are Christ-focused and practical.
Please feel free to come as you are! We would love to meet you soon.

Ministries – Laboring together with Christ

How Can I Serve?

Our heart as a church centers on proclaiming Christ and making disciples. From serving meals, to teaching, to working on the grounds, to serving as a greeter, every member plays an important role in making Jesus known. We desire to invest in members who do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). Following Jesus isn’t a spectator sport!


We believe it is important to assist parents in making disciples of their own children! To help you in this, we have Sunday School classes for all ages. During the morning worship we have nursery for children age 4 and under and Kid’s worship guide for children 5 and up in our worship gathering. 


We know that we can accomplish nothing of eternal value without the power of God. We incorporate prayer in all we do, asking God to work His will in our church, community and our lives. As a church we gather for prayer on the 2nd and 4th Sunday nights of the month.

Group Bible Studies

Sunday mornings are a great time for all ages to grow in the Word of God! We use material that is grounded thoroughly in Scripture, whether it is a book or subject study. We have groups for adults, teens, and children. Our group studies meet at 9:30 am. Come join us for a great chance to grow in your faith!


Our adults love to invest in our teens! While the teens have a Sunday morning group Bible study and teen group on Wednesday, we strive to keep them embedded in the life of the church so they can learn from all ages. We have teen fellowships through the year, including an exciting mountain retreat in the fall.


We want to make Jesus known near and far. While we focus on making disciples in Greenwood, we support missionaries on almost every continent. Our people give sacrificially to help those who have been called to serve outside of our area. We pray regularly for our missionaries and look for opportunities to visit and help on the field.

College & Career

The college & career years are extremely important for a believer, and our church seeks to invest in these students. Our pastor has served this age group for over 15 years and still loves to mentor and just hang out with students.  Students will find the church and our college ministry a great place to fellowship and grow. Visit our college site at landertbs.com.


Our worship services and music are Christ-centered and from our hearts. We incorporate a blend of new and old psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to worship Jesus and glorify His name. Using piano, acoustic guitar and other instruments, you will find our music joyfully appropriate for worship. Our primary choir is our congregation!


We have a nursery for all services. Each worker is thoroughly screened and trained and the nursery is easily accessible to the auditorium. 

The last instructions of Jesus as He prepared to ascend after His resurrection were to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19 – ESV). Our church is centered on joyfully fulfilling this command from our Savior. We strive to proclaim Christ through Spirit-empowered, Gospel rooted, expository preaching. This means we go verse by verse through the scriptures with the point of the passage being the point of the sermon. This will ultimately lead us to Jesus, the center of the scriptures! We seek to make disciples through personal investment in people, encouraging them to likewise disciple others. We enjoy sharing life together and building each other up through warm fellowship. 
We aren’t part of a denomination, but are conservative in our doctrine, holding to the fundamental truths of the faith with convictional kindness. Please see below for an in-depth look at our beliefs.

What We Believe

Our beliefs are drawn from the Scripture and describe the essence of who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ. Evangelical and conservative in nature, these beliefs are in line with what Christians have believed for almost two millenia.

Our detailed statement of faith can be accessed by clicking this link.

Our core conviction is that Jesus Christ, the perfect and eternal Son of God, in loving humility died for the sins of all, was buried, and rose victorious over death, by grace saving those who believe in Him.

Our truth is found in the inspired and infallible texts of the Old and New Testaments, the only guide for our faith.

Our mission is to sacrificially give ourselves to proclaim the Gospel both in our community and throughout the world, making disciples of, and baptizing those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to live to the glory of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our message is shared through the regular proclamation of Jesus Christ in practical, Spirit-empowered sermons and Bible studies and daily in our community through our words and actions.

Our support comes through prayer as we regularly seek God in faith, asking Him to do great works for His glory.

Our power is found in our reliance on the Holy Spirit as He enables us to proclaim Christ, serve each other and glorify God in every aspect of our lives.

Our hope is the return of Jesus Christ for His church to take us from this temporary life on earth to our eternal home with Him.

Our songs are Christ-centered and from our hearts, incorporating a blend of new and old psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to worship Jesus and glorify His name.

Our family is found among our Christian brethren who receive our intense, sacrificial love, this love being a sign to the world that we truly are followers of Jesus.

Our salvation leads us to live holy lives, turning from immorality of all kinds, enjoying instead God-honoring male and female relationships and marriages.

Leadership and Staff
Matt Davis
 “Pastor Matt” has been in the ministry for 19 years. He and his wife Casey have six children. He loves to invest in people and enjoys working with college students. He’s a Georgia Dawg who likes to run, fish and watch sports. You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter using @wmatthewdavis.
Kara Boling
Kara has been serving as the church secretary and pastor’s administrative assistant since 2004. Kara grew up in Georgia, but got to South Carolina as fast as she could. She and her husband Jason love to run, watch sports and old movies, and cheer for the Gamecocks.
We are located on Deadfall Road, not far from Greenwood High.  We hope to see you soon!
1025 E Deadfall Road, Greenwood, SC;
Phone: 864-223-8263 
E-mail: secretary@gwdbaptist.org

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