Pastor Matt Davis grew up in Athens, Georgia and spent most of his adult life in the Athens area. Saved at a young age he began to make discipleship commitments at the age of 16. After graduating from college, God began directing him from his chosen career field toward the ministry. Matt surrendered to preach in 2003 and began ministry training at Piedmont Baptist College in 2005. After graduating in 2009, Matt’s home church (Crooked Creek Baptist Church) called him as associate pastor. 
While serving on the Creek’s staff he preached regularly, worked with college and career aged students, assisted with administrative responsibilities, and directed the church’s children’s ministries. In 2012 he started the Collegiate Bible Fellowship (CBF) at the University of Georgia. This student group focused on discipling students and providing service and fellowship opportunities on campus. In 2015 he stepped off staff at the Creek to focus on CBF. Greenwood Baptist called him as pastor in 2016. He has handed CBF at UGA off to local leadership and now has a similar ministry for Lander and Piedmont Tech students.
Along with preaching, one of Pastor Matt’s passions is one on one discipleship. He is married to Casey and they team up to parent six handfuls named Lee, Whit, Ellie Kate, Bonny Sue, Jay and Judah. Pastor Matt loves UGA sports, fishing, running, cooking, and Cheerwine.